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Garden Plot Information:

Each Garden plot is 4ft x 8ft (32sqft) at Ranch Community Garden. The annual garden fee is $25 for the first year ($15 yearly fee with a $10 deposit). At the end of the year if you no longer wish to keep your garden plot and have cleaned your plot in accordance with the Ranch Community Garden Rules, the $10 deposit will be refunded. Check Yes to the 2nd Plot question if you wish to apply for 2 garden plots.
You will receive a notice via email that your garden application has been accepted. Payment will be required by the first annual meeting in April 25th, 2013,  7:30 at Bethel Church. You can drop off or mail your payment to Beth-El Mennonite Church 4625 Ranch Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80918. Please make check payable to Ranch Community Garden. Any questions please email